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HUA Law Firm
Address:A707, Xinyu Business Building, No. 90 Guangqumen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Cangzhou office
Address:Science and technology park of hebei university of technology, high-tech zone, cangzhou city, hebei province
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About us

Hua Law Firm is an Intellectual Property Agency, Ltd. Since its inception, Hua has established a reputation for corporate integrity and providing world-class legal services. The firm’s successes have allowed it to expand from a domestic focus to its current international platform: Hua Law Firm’s devoted and resourceful professionals provide comprehensive IP services from offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Though a growing medium-sized firm, Hua remains steadfast in its client-focused approach and thrives to provide attentive and thorough representation in all areas of its services: patent litigation and registration, trademark registration and enforcement, copyright enforcement, trade secrets, licensing, domain name issues, and unfair competition, as well as general counseling and consulting.

Above all else, the entire Hua team is committed to leveraging its breadth of experience and education in order to provide focused and timely solutions to its domestic and international clients’ satisfaction. In its relations with each client, Hua seeks to immerse itself in the possible short- and long-term outcomes presented by a particular situation. With these possibilities as guiding knowledge, Hua personalizes its representation according to the real needs and budget of each client, whether an individual or a corporation. The team prides itself in its devotion to its clients and to working so each may navigate their respective businesses or relationships confidently and adroitly.

A member of the All China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA), the China Trademark Association (CTA), The American International Property Law Association (AIPLA), The Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES), the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), and the International Trademark Association (INTA), Hua Law Firm’s output remains faithful to the high standards of these professional affiliations. It is this commitment to quality that has propelled Hua Law Firm into the ranks of the leading patent and trademark agencies commissioned by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) of the People’s Republic of China. Hua recognizes that it may only achieve its goal of becoming a premier east Asian Intellectual Property firm through winning the satisfaction and loyalty of its clients, one by one.

Responsiveness & Professional Advice

At HUA Law Firm, we make sure that all client inquiries are replied to promptly, i.e. within 24 hours generally, and before close of business of the receipt day for Asian clients.

When we respond, we provide a full analysis and tailored advice, together with an estimated quotation, list of required documents, and other noteworthy issues in one letter, so as to save time for both clients and ourselves.

Commercial Awareness

We understand that quality standards should be based on our clients’ satisfaction. It is our view that such satisfaction should be measured by whether our services help clients achieve specific business objectives, such as the protected use of a trademark in a certain market, obtaining a better position in negotiation over the cross-licensing of patents, or the freedom to export products from certain markets.

By keeping these objectives in mind, we are able to provide practical advice with the most cost-efficient and time-efficient solution to our clients.

Comprehensive IP Services

As a one-stop IP services provider, HUA Law Firm can assist clients for all IP matters, covering patent, trademark, domain name, copyright, computer software, and from search, prosecution, investigation, litigation, enforcement, transaction, to strategic consulting.

The advantages of our comprehensive IP services are also demonstrated by the close and efficient collaboration among our teams when working on complicated cases, such as a patent infringement litigation which involves patent invalidation, or a negotiation of a trademark assignment which involves investigation of trademark use. In these complicated cases, each task is handled by the most appropriate professional with expertise and experience in the respective field and then the team comes together to ensure the overall objectives of the client are met.

Quality Control Mechanism

HUA Law Firm has the professional quality control system and method. The implementation of the quality control system has helped us to establish clear standards and guidelines in each aspect of our operations. Furthermore, we utilize a streamlined review system and state-of-the-art computer systems to ensure deadlines are met and matters proceed on schedule.

Another important our goal is to ensure continuous improvement on quality standards. We are keenly aware that over time, our clients’ expectations continue to rise. With our quality control system, we can regularly collect and analyze office actions, client feedback, and internal audit statistics, to create solutions to regularly improve our services. Such improvements are made by developing tailored internal training programs as well as guidelines and databases. Thereafter, results of such measures are routinely checked and evaluated in order to make sure their indeed are able to improve our clients’ satisfaction.

Quality Control –Translation

Three stages translation work process

Stage1: Translation

We use the people who have same specific technology background people to translate for our patents application material

Translators are outsider of my office, in case that we can catch all specific technology people help us.

Stage 2: Review translation

Our Patent attorney will review the translation, and drafting the works

Stage 3: Double Review by senior patent attorneys

Our senior patent attorneys are the team leader based on different technology, and have more than 10 years experiences.

Our Culture


First-class quality with reasonable cost


Developing into a World-Class IP Law Firm


Advocating for Your IP


Faith, Reliability, Challenge, Teamwork

Social Responsibility

At HUA Law Firm, we look for opportunities to contribute to the community. Our social involvement includes:

Established a HUA Law Firm for IP program Scholarships in colleges and universities

Implement cloud technology which supports a work-from-home system for staffs residing long distance from office. This system creates a better working environment for our employess, which is one of our many contributions towards a better city environment.

Offer free IP training class to all interested people in Beijing.


Our client base includes domestic Chinese enterprises and international companies from around the world. We represent many different businesses, including start-ups, middle size of corporations, well-known domestic entities, and few of Fortune 500 multinationals. Each year, HUA Law Firm grows exponentially while continuing its focus on providing exceptional Intellectual Property services. HUA Law Firm achieves these service goals through continuous, internal, professional training.

Local clients will take up to 80%, and international clients have 20%. Most of international clients come from US, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

Most of clients are middle size of Chinese corporates, and we also have some well-known domestic entities, few tart-ups and fortune 500 multinationals.


IP Strategy and Design



IP Enforcement

IP Consulting

Search Services

IP Transaction


Our Patent team is divided into three main divisions: Electronics, Chemistry & Life Sciences, Communication, and Mechanics. Each division has experts in the fields of chemistry, electronics, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, communications and computer technology, and mechanics. With a strong team of professionals, HUA Law Firm is able to provide specific IP insight and practical advice to our clients in these industries.

Our patent practice includes:

? Patent Research and Analysis

? Patent Prosecution

? Patent Re-examination and Invalidation

? Patent Portfolio Management Counseling

? Patent Enforcement

? Patent Licensing and Transaction


Chemistry HUA Law Firm’s increasing technical experience mirrors the explosive growth of the Chinese chemical industry in the last decade. Our attorneys have a broad range of advanced degrees in the chemistry field, and are qualified to provide a full range of intellectual property services.

China is a rapidly rising powerhouse in electronic research and development, reflected by the large number of local companies filing domestic and international patents. The HUA Law Firm team possesses a deep understanding of the Chinese electronics sector and uses its experience to help clients protect and enforce intellectual property rights both domestically and internationally. And we work with China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (CEEDI), it is the biggest Chinese Electronic Research Centre.

Life Sciences-Pharmaceuticals
China is a growing center for R&D. A strong understanding of the Chinese research system is crucial to protect new medications, treatments, and their respective intellectual property rights. Our attorneys possess advanced degrees in a broad range of technical fields, and have experience addressing potential intellectual property needs for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. We work together with Chinese Medical Association, and we provide Consulting service with them.


There has been explosive growth in the commercial application of biotechnology in China. Government funded programs encourage the creation of new intellectual property achievements. HUA Law Firm is proud to have worked with Chinese bio-tech pioneers, helping them to successfully patent their advancements, defend against infringement and ownership claims, and enforce patents in litigation.

Communications and Computer Technology
HUA Law Firm has some information and communications technology practice. We represent some of the domestic and international technology vendors and developers with their worldwide transactions. Our communications and computer technology group regularly handles cutting-edge matters in the legal IP industry. We also have been work with ALIBABA.


HUA Law Firm’s mechanical field attorneys work with international engineers and scientists to successfully patent their advancements, enforce patents through litigation, and defend against infringement and ownership claims.


Staffed by attorneys with experience in both Chinese and international law and practice, HUA Law Firm is recognized as having one of the strongest trademark practice groups in China. My office start from trademark department, and one of our founding partner Ms. Lee is the excellent trademark attorney in China, and she help lots of clients deal with many complex issues.

Our trademark team currently has 10 staff, including trademark attorneys and paralegals and secretaries. Our working languages include Chinese, English and Korean. Our efficient and reliable trademark services are guaranteed, not only by our experienced and capable trademark attorneys, but also supported by the well-designed software system and working procedure according to our own trademark database in my office.

Our trademark attorneys have profound experience in assisting world famous brand owners with large trademark portfolio and complicated disputes in China, and provide strategic and practical advice based on accurate evaluation of the case and clear understanding of the clients’ business goal in China.

Copyright protection is also part of main services provided by our trademark team.

HUA Law Firm can help meet your business goals by offering a wide range of services from qualified and proven professionals:

Trademark Search and Analysis over Registrability and Availability to Use

Advising on Chinese Equivalents of Latin Trademarks

Trademark Prosecution

Trademark Opposition and Cancellation

Trademark Portfolios and Management Counseling

Trademark Enforcement

Copyright Recordal

Computer Software Recordal

Copyright Enforcement

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Licensing and other Commercial Transaction Services

IP Enforcement

HUA Law Firm’s legal practice has experience in a wide variety of intellectual property disputes, including those related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and technology transfer disputes.

Several of our litigation professionals previously worked at the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), while others have served in the Provincial High Courts, Beijing's Intellectual Property Courts and the Supreme People's Court of China. Others, we joined the setting counselling group of Beijing Intellectual property.

Our attorneys’ extensive legal knowledge coupled with their rich experience provides our clients with the sharp edge they need for intellectual property litigation and related matters.


Patent Infringement Litigation

Trademark Infringement Litigation

Copyright Infringement Litigation

Unfair Competition Litigation

Trade Secret Litigation


Patent Administrative Action

Customs Enforcement

Internet and E-commerce Enforcement

Dispute Resolution of Integrated Circuit Layout

Dispute Resolution of New Plant Varieties

Due Diligence

Negotiation in IP Dispute

Domain Name Dispute Arbitration

IP Licensing

Patent Pledge

IP Strategy and Design

Our IP strategy and design practice includes preliminary, invalidation, and infringement searches. We provide IP strategic consulting services, and create patent maps for clients. In conjunction with both the Chinese government and corporate clients, we complete successful strategy projects each year. Our IP Strategy and Design services include:

IP Consulting

IP Strategy Consulting



Business Consulting

Invalidation/Public Opinion

Trademark Strategy Planning and Management

Trademark Design and Adaptation to the Chinese Market

Due Diligence

Search Services

Preliminary Searches

Invalidation Searches

Litigation Searches

Clearance Searches

Specific Subject Searches

Prior Art Searches

Competitor Investigation searches

Legal Status Searches

Patent Family Searches

Trademark Search and Watch


IP transaction

HUA Law Firm offers a progressive and state of the art IP valuation and transaction service. We understand that while procuring IP rights in China is important, perhaps too is monetizing. We want to be your guide as you work to understand the Chinese market and the various opportunities available. Please feel free to reach out to discuss the different options available to you or your client as you seek to capitalize on the growing Chinese market.